Exquisite Contemporary Loft House Designed in Contemporary Style

3six0 Architecture that designs Contemporary Loft House called Paschke Danskin Double Loft is the most creative architecture company. By applying contemporary furnishings for the main interior design, the loft house is looked so exquisite. In addition, some contemporary furnishings are designed so perfect to the interior decoration of the loft house that is arranged in asymmetric design.

For the floor plan design, wooden material is applied along with contemporary furnishings for the interior. The wall veneer however is also looked so authentic because it is made from hardwood material. For the ceiling plan, concrete material is the main material that is being used for the main ceiling design.

Hence, the interior of the loft house is looked more exquisite. The combination of different material for interior decoration is really suitable for loft house that is designed in contemporary style. Indeed, the Contemporary Loft House Plans that is designed by 3six0 Architecture is completely perfect.

Considering that the loft house is designed in asymmetric interior design, the hanging cone lamps that are covered by glass shade is the perfect lamp installation. The aluminum wire that is painted in black color is contrasting the interior decoration of the loft house.

In addition, the contemporary furnishings, such as glass dining table along with fabric stools are looked so perfect on the modern floor installation. Indeed, whether the floor installation of the loft house is applied by wooden material; glossy layer of the wooden floor is looked so authentic.

For the wooden shelves that are applied as main wall veneer for the interior of the loft house is looked more adorable because it has wall lamp. The chandelier lamp is indeed the main lamp for the Modern Loft House Floor Plans of this loft house that is designed in contemporary style and contemporary interior furnishings.

Image By : 3SIX0 Architecture

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