Exquisite Glass Floor Installation in a Contemporary White Residence

A dazzling house in Ostermalm, Stockholm has an exquisite design with glass floor installation. The designer is Mats Gustafson. To start with it generally, see the first picture given. As a two story house, this residence has a very high ceiling on the second floor. Its sloping surface is decorated by several windows installation to give natural lights. Transparent floors are here in tile design. You can see right towards the lower ground through those glass floors.

Another glass installation is able to be seen in the contemporary bathroom. Wall of mirrors is here, completed with sleek table, two white sinks and chromed faucets too. Some built-in lamps on the ceiling easily give beauty in simple ways too. So, where the glass floor tile goes to? Take a look at the next picture.

A dining room with white and black domination has transparent ceiling that given by the previous examination. The dining table here is generous to accommodate 12 people. On the dark flooring, lies a grey rug under the dining sets. A golden statue stands in the corner and a painting hangs on the wall to create creative decorations.

Now we are inside the beautiful living room. A long sofa with olive upholstery stands next to the white wall. Two single armed chairs are available across it, completed with a simple coffee table as the center of the room. White ceiling and the hanging lamps make the living room looks more than just ordinary modern. High and triangular ceiling here lets you to have giant painting on the wall. Don’t you think all of them are combined in proper composition?

Back to the bathroom in the fifth picture. We will examine it further and better. The area of the bathroom is spacious and bright. White ceiling and walls are everywhere. Glassed and transparent door is available next to a white door which will take you to a terrace.

A generous and white bathtub with rectangular design stands on the wooden floor, right in the middle of the room. What could be better than that? If you want to apply the glass floor tile designs that previously mentioned, make sure you have a proper concept for your house.

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