Exquisite Modern Beach House in Lima: The Cristal House

Most of beach house is designed by rustic style home design, but not this one, this is modern beach house creation that will anybody amaze with its architectural beauty and the space setting. The house is called the Cristal House and it is located in a beautiful area of Lima, Peru.

This astonishing modern style beach home is developed by Gómez De La Torre & Guerrero and it indeed one of the most luxurious modern style beach home designs that you can find out there right now. The greatness of this superb modern style beach home is something that will able to become an example for other beach home creation.

The modern beach house decor that use in this incredible modern style beach home is one of so many things that make this house so special. There are so many parts of this lovely modern style beach home that will able to show you the design character that use in this nice modern style beach home and one of those parts is the luxurious style living room.

Well, the setting is very simple, but the supporting element of this living room is highly luxurious. Take a look at the glass table with glass frame and the sofa set; it looks luxurious, isn’t it?

The outstanding swimming pool that located in the back area of this perfect modern style beach home design is the other thing that makes this house so luxurious. It is not only the design that make it so beautiful, but also the location. This swimming pool is located in the spot in which you can enjoy Lima’s sunset, isn’t that amazing?

The luxury that presented by this gorgeous modern style beach home is something new in beach home creation. Modern beach house designs in Lima, Peru is something that can become the basis of other luxurious style beach home creation, isn’t it?

Image By : Gómez De La

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