Exquisite Mosaic Art Created by Award Winning Artist Sonia King

An art can be delivered through a combination of materials and colors like what Sonia King do with her mosaic art. This kind of art combines some chunks of glass or stone that is called tesserae, assembled to make a new impression of pattern or even a picture.

The artist has made distinctive art of mosaic by incorporating contemporary style. The beautiful artworks were made to not only comply with the needs of gallery, but also for the architectural, and even for the community, and also home settings.

She has made captivating artworks that some of them have won some awards. Those artworks are not only exhibited in national level, but also in an international level. Some private and public collections are often representing her artworks. Moreover corporate collections also don’t bother to show her creations. The other mosaic art ideas may use another kind of tesserae such as stones or other minerals.

As we can see on the picture her artworks are so beautiful so that everyone will be astonished. She can combine that rectangular shape of stained glass with the oval shapes one. Those are also made by considering the color gradations that is used in that mosaic creation. The gradation start from the dark red color following the yellowish color up to the green and finished in blue turquoise. The gradation is so mesmerizing and captivating.

The other mosaic creation is made from various kinds of minerals such as malachite, smalti, paua shell, and so many more. The tesserae come in different shapes, some of them have a little bit rounded, and the others have rectangular shape, while some others have irregular shape.

They are combined and assembled together into a whole new wonderful mosaic artwork that has a dark grey backdrop color adorn with some rounded patterns of blue color that were made of those beautiful tesserae. The use of minerals is a good choice in creating artworks that are different with glass mosaic art ideas that have transparent color.

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