Exquisite Swedish Design for Flat with Artistic Decoration

Dealing with the Swedish Design for Flat, people usually tend to combine it with Scandinavian interior design. With the minimalist concept of Scandinavian house, the decoration of a Swedish house becomes so exquisite. In addition, since the house is built with small space for each room, the white color for the interior wall makes the room becomes so spacious. As in the kitchen that is designed in blind room along with dining room and family room, the decoration is really complete. The white brick applied as kitchen backsplash really looks perfect with ornamental light installation.

Meanwhile, the wooden material used to make the dining table and the dining chairs suit the white interior design. On the wall, a picture of monkey in formal attire looks so lavish because the color used on the painting is so colorful. For those who want to apply Design Flat House that is dominated with artistic decoration, simply, combining Scandinavian design and Swedish design is really recommended. For the floor installation that is painted in white color, the oak wood really suits the decoration of house. Since the wall ornament on the dining room is in form of monkey, the same ornament is also applied on the family room.

With wooden shelves used to place some books collection and other stuffs, indeed, the family room looks as classy as other rooms. The red background of monkey painting is indeed so lavish since the interior wall is painted in white color. Dealing with the blind room of a modern flat, a pattern rug is used to cover some parts of the wooden floor installation. In addition, the coffee table applied on the family room is made from glass material so that it embosses the illuminating light of stage lamps.

Directly move to the bedroom, with minimalist furniture, the white interior design simply fits the decoration of bedroom. The vintage wall ornaments for the bedroom really suit the small size of room. With built-in closet design, the bedroom is just so magnificent. Therefore, for those who want to apply Design Flat Color, this house can be a great example.

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