Exquisite Unconventional House Design in Mysterious Sense

Something which is really interesting is when we can enjoy to stay in own house, but sometimes it is not enough, for the house hunter, unconventional house design becomes a good choice. Designed perfectly by Architects Asensio_Mah and J.M.Aguirre Aldazdid, wonderful house represents a mysterious sense with its unconventional shape and architecture. This wonderful house looks perfect with the best pattern of the wall which shows the elegant and unique theme.

The unconventional shape of this unconventional house design ideas is enough to make you really get the great feeling in strange. However, when you are standing in front, you will get desire for swimming in beautiful outdoor swimming pool. It looks perfect by adding the wooden deck. Something more special is beautiful lighting inside of the swimming pool, which makes the water, looks so elegant.

Unconventional shape of this building looks so nice. It has the strange shape in with the beautiful geometry building from rectangular marble shape. Beautiful subway which brings us to living room also looks so perfect designed from wood. It flows perfectly the nature elements with the green environment. Seeing this house from the building, it seems like a bunk of chocolate.

It looks so strange but it proves to the world it is so special. For interior design, this house promise the best living space with the bright color dominated. It looks so comfort and playful room, which brings the blend elements from natural and modern elements.

This house is designed in three distinct bands for the circulation core, and it is placed on small slope. For some wall is designed perfectly from dark brown tiles, and for capturing the beauty of Northern Spain city, this house utilizes glass wall. Located on the top hill, we can enjoy the beautiful view of the city even staying inside. Beside the beautiful concept of the unconventional house design inspirations, wonderful view and fresh atmosphere become healthy food here.

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