Extra-ordinary Contemporary House Design with Impressive Glance in Canada

For you who love some minimalist house of course already familiar with the contemporary house design that nowadays become a trend. This house that called Infill House in Canada designed by Cecconi Simone Inc was a really great design. It has a perfect minimalist style with not leaving its esthetic aspects. Let me guide you passing through the house!

The house is look like an official building. It has a good stacked windows in rectangular shape. This house consist of two floor levels. The first floor is for the living room and the second room is for the family stuff room. This differentiation makes the concept of the room managed perfectly.

The contemporary house design plans were very outstanding. Look at the dinning room. It has a great decoration with the black poster stick on the backside of the table. The combination of the brown and dark color make it looks more elegant.

The bathroom also still have the white house style room. It has a futuristic design with a nice bath tube over there. Combined with some of random grass decoration make it looks so natural. The sofas also very comfortable to sit on the living room. Again, the design is all about white.

The white color has a purpose for make the contemporary nuance bold. On the back of the building, you can also see the long porch with full wooden style there. With the soft brown color, it will make you feel relaxed to just take a nap there meanwhile see the nice view from the second floor.

This brilliant house idea was a good choice for people who love simplicity. The color of it light also make the house looks exclusive. It might be a lot of contemporary modern house plans, but this one will be still one of that desired dream house of people.

Image By : Cecconi Simone Inc.

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