Extraordinary Interior Design Of Mental Health Clinic In Japan

Creative and unique interior design of mental health clinic is found in Akasaka, Tokyo, Japan. Hearing about mental health, the first thing in our imagination is must be related to insane person with mess places. Different ideas come from Japan by decorating the interior design of the clinic likes hotel.

The interior design of this clinic makes the patient feeling comfortable while waiting the turn. The floor the clinic is made from tile in the color of black with white overlapping circle picture on it. The color of floor is well mixed with white colored wall and dark chocolate color in the door.

There are some additions accessories that make this room be beautiful such head of deer, bookshelves and mirror in the frame decorating the room. This interior design is also can be applied in the other clinic such as Fulton county mental health clinic in United Stated of America.

Behind the excellent interior design, there is unexpected hidden door to the consulting room. It means that the real door of the rooms is not the door that is painted in dark chocolate. The real door cannot be seen. It has purpose to give understanding to their patients that you do not only look the thing from the appearance, but you should also look the thing from the inside. On the other part of the clinic is also found room behind bookshelves. To go open the room you should move the bookshelves.

Moreover, the lighting lamp that is use in the house will make the patient who is waiting in the room feel calm because the effect of the lamp that is put in the wall is not too bright. The most important is the part of consultation room, the glass windows that is used in the room make the patient feeling relax. They do not feel being interrogated. This design will be really helpful for the teenagers who come to Fulton county juvenile court mental health clinic due to some problems.

Image By : Nendo

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