Extraordinary Modern Home in Japan Made from Concrete and Chipboard

This modern home in Japan is undoubtedly an excellent reference if you want to build a totally extraordinary residence without sacrificing the comfort and convenience necessary for a place we call home. Located in mountain environment of Yatsugatake Mountains in prefecture of Nagano, this unique modern home is brilliantly designed and finished by Double Negatives Architecture. Despite the extremely irregular home architectural design, you may find that this one is successful in allowing plenty of natural light indoors.

Looking at the exterior design, this modern home design Japan displays the semi-circle shape with rough concrete roof. Chipboard panels are also found to form this extraordinary home exterior too. You can find the chipboard exterior dominates this home facade. However, you may also spot the generous use of transparent glass element forming this home exterior too. It is done brilliantly without having to reveal too much of this home, thus it can preserve the privacy of residents, even though its location is already quite secluded.

Now, let’s enter this modern and unique mountain residence. Just as expected, the interior is light and airy due the abundance of natural light entering this home. Apart from that, the light and airy interior is also established by open floor plan design inside this home. This way, this home interior also demonstrates the seamless transition between one room and another. You can find the surprisingly uncluttered interior, as spotted from the lack of home decoration, integrated into the design as well. This results in emphasize for the airy atmosphere greatly.

Despite the minimalist and open interior, this concrete and chipboard home guarantees its residents with warm interior for a totally comfortable place to live in. The plain chipboard, as you can see, will serve this need really well due its warm color scheme. The same goes for the choice of wooden flooring throughout this home as well. However, you may find how exciting it is to see the concrete element can do this function greatly. Well, it is because of how concrete as part of this modern house design Japan also contains the warm hue from its grey color scheme.

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