Extravagant Modern House with Outdoor Shower

Located in a remote area of Sydney, Australia, this modern house presents beautiful view for the residents. The house is particularly located in Bundeena, a district which has beautiful ocean as a part of it. As a result, the Clark Pearse Architects created a beautiful beach house for their client. The main challenged has to be addressed by the architects was that the house is located on top of a cliff. Therefore, the building shall be supported by a strong structure to prevent sea abrasion.

This house is very suitable for those who are looking for an escape from city life. This modern house designs were intentionally addressed for those who want to have additional home for resting purpose. Therefore, this home was not really made for a daily living.

Instead, it would support you with your holiday plan. The house comprises of a single story building which manages to accommodate one main activity room, outdoor living, as well as a master bedroom. This house is also supported by the presence of outdoor shower in the garden.

Let’s take a look at the living room design. the living room’s floor is covered by ceramic tile. One of its facade is made out of a transparent glass wall, which presents the beautiful ocean view to the residents. In terms of furniture, the living room utilizes lightweight furniture. It has a sofa and two armchairs facing the television. Besides, the main activity room is also equipped with a simple dining table as surrounded by four dining chairs.

The kitchen utilizes wooden furniture. It also is equipped with kitchen island and several bar stools. The back of the kitchen, however, would lead us to the semi-outdoor living space. This part of the house is equipped with outdoor living and outdoor dining. Since there is not much space for the building, the house only manages to have one bedroom. The bedroom is also covered by transparent facade. This modern house designs for small spaces would definitely spoil you with beautiful view.

Image By : Clark Pearse Architects

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