Fabulous Apartment Interior in Ultramodern Arrangement

This sophisticated apartment interior is designed by One-world Design. Apartment 1601 applies the ultramodern style as its interior design. However, this apartment is also applied the natural elements as its accent. The bathroom is designed in earth color. The modern bathroom appliances are chosen while the natural accent is also applied. The bathroom basin, faucet and mirror are designed in contemporary look. The bathroom wall is in rustic tile wall. The bath tub area also has the rustic texture. The well-arranged natural stones are applied in the wall white the flooring is the tile flooring with neutral color.

In the contrary with the bathroom that applies the natural elements as the apartment interior accent. The kitchen is absolutely designed in the ultramodern way. It is furnished with the industrious furniture with the contemporary arrangement. The kitchen island is in sleek model with black surface. The stools in the stylish modern style surround the kitchen island. The white tile flooring creates the shiny flooring. Blue decorative lighting is set under the kitchen counter.

A large aquarium is the fabulous interior decoration in this room. The room has large glass windows bringing the beautiful city view especially at night. The lighting decorative plays important rule in forming the ultramodern impression in this modern kitchen. The bedroom is designed in luxurious way. With the white marble wall accent, this bedroom looks classy. The modern bedding is covered with white duvet and has the white leather headboard. The rustic flooring gives the contrast color of this white bedroom. The large floor to ceiling wall presents the amazing outside view.

The living room is furnished with the modern sofas in dark color. The room is very spacious so that I can be the child playing area. There is also a space where the half circle carpet is place with the elegant cushions on it. It is for relaxing times while enjoying the amazing city view. Ultramodern apartment interior is a concept that brings luxury in interior design.

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