Fabulous Canterbury Residence with Balanced Mixed Components

When we are looking to the design of Canterbury Residence, we will se a balanced mixed component of wood, glass, concrete, and stones applied in the house. They are applied as timeless and fabulous effects. The application of these materials in this residence will lead us to get fabulous home design. It is actually a contemporary house located in Canterbury, Australia. Canny designed this house with great exterior and interior decoration blended to the nature.

The following images are related to the post design. We will see closer to the Canterbury residents parking that is designed as simple with concrete walkway. It is crossing to the ground. When looking inside to the house, the courtyard is stylized in natural way by applying some vegetation lushes, stones, wooden path, and some tiles. As we see in the porch, there is gorgeous swimming pool location. It is designed with a floating wooden deck middle of the pool. They are also some brown seating places with short table.

The looks of exterior design are well balanced with the interior design. It is structured in hardwood floor, combining the wood and concrete wall, and also plain concrete ceiling. The staircases are also deigned based on the rich wood materials.

When you look to the storage area, we will get excellent shelves and storage applications in rowan and black accents. The other is the dining area which has glass table with orchid surrounded by grey glossy chairs. There is also a modern fireplace on the wall side in the dining area.

The concept of designing this house relates to the necessary of having a great living space. This building features has fabulous looks in the interior decoration and stunning outdoor styles. They are designed in really well balanced and matched ideas. The Canterbury council residents parking with other structures in this article can raise us to get the stylish home ideas.

Image By : Canny

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