Fabulous Coastal Home Design in South Sweden with Glass Wall

There are many kinds of coastal home design that will be gained as inspiring ideas. On of them is here that e are going too reviewed. The house is a kind of contemporary home design that features fabulous shades. The building was envisioned in just outside of Helsingborg.

That is a city of Helsingborg Municipality, exactly in Skane County, Sweden. This house is a house for sale that to be yours. The location that is in coastal place and rough views will make the house look so different and stunning.

Here are the related images of the coastal house. The coastal home design plans include the glass wall panels for every side. They are only separated with cream bricks and wood. This house is kind of two-story house that is applied on the rough views area.

By applying the glass wall panels, we can enjoy wonderful scenery of the beach and landscape spurning. The room of this house is designed as spacious with applying grey marble floor and high glass and prefabricated ceiling design. The lighting systems come with gorgeous round chandeliers on the perforated ceiling.

Now, we are going to get the furniture and decoration of this house. The living room furniture is designed based on white curving sofas with purple and brown patterned pillows. They are well placed with white table and some flowers applied.

Next to this living room, there is a set of dining table and kitchen. The dining table includes wooden table with glass table to surround by some wooden chairs with high backrest. There is also other sofa set that applies bold orange color for the seat with yellow and black sofa pillows.

They are seen as fabulous concept of designing the coastal house as in that kind of situation. The design looks so stunning based on the exterior and interior design. The views of the house are allots so attractive through the glass wall panels. Now, let’s see the coastal small home plans that are provided in this article.

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