Fabulous Contemporary Cabin among the Beautiful Scenery

The fabulous contemporary cabin is located in the panoramic view surround it. The beautiful scenery around the cabin make special allure to the people for building an amazing view in the mountain are is the best place for relaxation. Far from the city makes this place is good choice for forgetting all the problem along in vacation. This beautiful panorama is used by Balance Associates Architect for creating this amazing cabin. The architect builds this cabin by high quality design and materials.

Located among the natural environment, it makes the cabin is designed by natural design too. The contemporary cabin design is used wooden natural color to decorate entire the home. The natural material for designing the home make the owner can feel the natural atmosphere in the outside from the inside the home.

From the outside, the home has unique exterior design. The most impressive design from this cabin is the roof shape. The roof is designed by symmetrical design. The design is unusual because in the middle of the roof there are space roof. I we see the home from the facade. The unique roof will make us surprise with the roof design.

The cabin is used for enjoying the panorama, so it is constructed among the beautiful panorama. For enjoying the panorama optimizes, the cabin is decorated by huge glass window. The glass windows let the owner enjoy the panorama from inside the home.

For enhancing the natural nuance in the room interior, the architect use wooden material to decorate entire the room interior design. Both the wall and the ceiling are designed by wooden material. The architect gives different touch in the floor design. The architect uses marble for designing the floor. The marble color is matched with wooden material inside the home.

The cabin is surrounded by beautiful environment, so this cabin is the best place for relaxation after long day work. Refreshing in the mountain will make the mind refresh again. Small contemporary cabin design also can be solution for designing amazing relaxing place.

Image By : Balance Associates Architects

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