Fabulous Contemporary House in Tel Aviv: Pathway House

Pathway House is the name given for the contemporary house which has amazing feature. The house located in Tel Aviv, Israel was designed by Jacobs-Yaniv Architects. Since the house sits on top of a spacious land, the architects had everything they need to play with their creativity. As a result, the fabulous house has a beautiful inner garden which separates the main building. Besides, it also manages to implement the modern design in its interior.

If we take a look at the house plan, we can see that the architect tries to divide the building based on the household interests. The front part of this contemporary house design is utilized as front yard garden and car park.

The front main building, however, is utilized as a living room, kitchen, dining, and a pantry. Meanwhile the second main building, which is located behind the front building, is utilized as bedrooms. In between those two buildings, there is a modern garden which spoils the residents with the beautiful view.

The house’s outdoor feature is equipped on both of the buildings. At the end of the first building, we can find an outdoor dining which is directly connected through the kitchen by glass panel. Besides, we can only find two lounge chairs which are put under a transparent roof.

Let’s take a look at the living room design. The living room employs uncovered ceiling, so that the residents could see the wooden surface supporting the roof. The living room’s facade is also decorated with stone wall behind the white wooden cabinet. In terms of furniture, the living room employs simple sofas, armchairs, as well as two coffee tables which are placed on top of a fur rug.

The living room’s floor is covered by ceramic tile. It is also the materials employed in the dining room and the kitchen. Behind the living room sofa, we would be able to find a long dining table made out of wood. Above the dining set, there is a modern hanging lamp with leaves cover. Along the living room’s hall, we would be able to find a wall-integrated bookshelf made out of wood. This contemporary house design plans also presents outdoor view from each of the households’ bedroom.

Image By : Jacobs-Yaniv Architects

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