Fabulous Loft Cube in Turin with Amusing Panorama

In this text, you shall find a loft cube named Loft Cube as well. This project was designed by Fabio Fantolino. You can find this one in Turin, Italia. Well, there are going to be some pictures that are going to be described as well.

Firstly, here you can see the loft with awesome cube building available. Well, there are glass panels and windows applied here. The flooring design of the patio looks gorgeous with different surfaces’ colors. Here you can see an L-shaped sofa seen through the glass constructions here.

Secondly, you can find some objects available in the patio here. It seems that the patio here is surely a different spot from the patio on the first picture. There are various objects like the chairs, table, and the pots available in this place. See also loft cube for sale.

Thirdly, here you can see the two images with different angles seen. It is about a dining spot seen from different angles. It looks like there is a pool as well. Well, the fourth one is about the pool ad also a room inside the loft cube.

Here you can see that the pool looks fresh. From the pool here you will be able to enjoy the view of the places around. Look at the room on the right image. There is a set of wooden stairs available. Here you can also see the L-shaped sofa that was talked about in the previous paragraph.

In the fifth picture, you can see the same room with the sofa mentioned above. Here you can find glass panels enabling you to glance at the panorama outside. You know, the design of the wooden stairs is captivating. Alright, the last one is still about the same room but seen from different angle. You see, the sofa is sectional with cozy sleeper as well. Well, you can find more ideas in loft cube buy, too.

Image By : Fabio Fantolino

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