Fabulous Loft Interior Design of Yaletown in Vancouver

The Yaletown loft is a kind of fabulous loft interior design in Vancouver. The architect, bachelor Bradley Friesen combined with designer Kelly Reynolds created this loft design in fabulous shades. They remodel this interior decoration by applying rustic elements on the contemporary interior decoration. This loft will be so great living space that can be inspiring idea.

Related to the design, look at the images of the lofts. The loft interior design ideas that will be acquired in this article will be here. The first design comes with the combination of grey and brown color ideas. The room itself is constructed based on the neutral floor, grey wall, and false wooden ceiling design.

The furniture includes brown iconic chairs with high backrests facing to wooden table. There is also a set of grey sofas that is applied inform of the TV set attached to the wall. Behind the iconic chairs, there is wooden cupboard with some bottles on the wall side. It will be so great.

The next look in this article deals with the comfortable seating place that is decorated with opened modern fireplace. The furniture as seating place in this room consists of the puffed brown seats with short backrest. The table is also the same. They combine it with the orange pattern pillows. In this room, the fireplace is placed on the wooden cabinet.

When looking at the dining area and kitchen, we will get fabulous shades based on the furniture and lighting system. The first look is the kitchen with brown wooden cabinet with orange and brown countertop. There are built-in lights that are applied on the wooden board crossing the ceiling. There is also a set of counter at the center with black barstools. The lighting systems in the kitchen are also applied in every side of the ceiling and brick wall design.

Well, how do you think of the design that is applied in this article? We can get more ideas if we are looking more at the further images. The design that is applied in this loft design is one of the fabulous interior design. It is applied based on the choice of furniture, decoration, and also lighting system. Therefore, get the loft apartment interior design ideas to make you clearer about the styles.

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