Fabulous Modern House Reconstruction from Heritage Church in Brisbane

In Brisbane, Australia, we can find a modern house that was reconstructed based on an old heritage church. The house is called Bonney Avenue Residence from the Church of Palms after done makeover by Willis Greenhalgh Architects.

This Australian practice reconstructed the church to be modern residence in which it features fabulous ambiance. From the facades, this building still appears as church building. The residence consists of the three bedrooms, three bathrooms, gourmet kitchen the wine cellar, and also aquatic swimming pool.

Related to the designs, here are some images of the residence. The application of modern house plans for interior design includes glossy rich wood floor, white wall to ceiling design made of concrete, ad also great lights. As we see here, the living area is situated as spacious.

The ceiling is high in dome style. The furniture includes grey sectional sofa with red patterned pillows and red leather chaise. In other space, the dining area is defined in wooden table with glossy white chairs. There is also a classic glossy dark piano set near from the living room.

Well, the other designs are here. There is also a light visual room in this house. The furniture involves white sofas with big white pillows facing to dark brown leather table and TV set on the white cabinet and board. The fabulous design also appears for the kitchen design.

It comes with cream counter and short wall panel. The cabinet is stylized in steel countertop with some upper racks/ the flowers are applied to make the room kitchen. There are two sides of cabinets’ kitchen islands in which one for sink and kitchen islands and other for stove placement

If we are looking more at the design of this house transformation, we can really get more ideas. The ideas come from the appearance of house building in church reconstruction, spacious rooms, and also the modern furniture applications. The modern house floor plans will be a great idea for those ho are looking for same style.

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