Fabulous Modern Villa in Spain Brings Memorable Experience

Visiting Spain, you must be wonder on how the modern villa appears. The rich of architectural building here has been completed with the existence of Chameleon villa. Located in the Son Vida, at the top of a hill, Palma de Mallorca, this place serves luxurious things as reflected on its architecture as well as the natural view around it. From its name, you can guess that there are a lot of Palm trees planted to decorate the garden. Your sights are also pampered with picturesque landscape of rocky in the distance.

Entering this area, you will see graceful white building as the theme of modern villa design. It has harmoniously chic environment seen in the great arrangement of spacious garden. Such concept is purposely to make the visitors enjoy staying because of the supported natural ambience. To get some entertainment, fabulous outdoor swimming pool may refresh your body in the hot day. Pathway directing to the outdoor furniture in the middle of pool reflects improvisation for the pool design that commonly used in the high class villas.

Well, let’s see what the interior design offers to you. Impressive effect comes up through the clean look rooms that full of monochromatic colors. The floor is so shiny and glossy because of the lights. Combining white room with the metal furniture and glass materials are just excellent. The designers use glass facade to enable you capturing the outside view clearly. Its open design allows the natural light in and the wind blows fulfilling the atmosphere inside the house.

The designers seems seriously building this place like a palace. For the bathroom design, for example, you will feel like a princess using white bathtub equipped by sophisticated faucet. While bathing, you can enjoy the beautiful outside without worrying of getting exposed. When the night comes, this contemporary modern villa turns to be romantic thanks to the colorful lighting that happen for the garden pathways and indoor swimming pool. Because of this modern villa design Spain, its luxury brings memorable experience in your life.

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