Fabulous Retro Interior Decorating the Contemporary Home Design

In today’s world, retro interior can be combined with various room styles. The contemporary retro scheme for example becomes the most favorite design. It can produce stylish ambiance within the room. The living room of this Vale Residence that has location in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia proof this combination. Blu Water Studio mixed the white and wooden wall perfectly. This makes the room look so attractive.

Wood cladding is applied for the wall behind the sofa. It can be seen that the rectangular wood compiling the varnished wall. It has stylish accent because of special feature. Light grey sofa with pillows is located at this wall side facing the TV screen mounted on the black marble wall.

The marble really gives a glamor effect over there. Its texture becomes the focal point of the room in this house with retro interior design. Grey rug and curtain also complete the design. White flower decoration creates a fresh accent.

Besides this living room, we will find the dining table. This dinette is surrounded by chairs with similar materials as the sofa in the previous room. It has light grey feature. Table top has glossy white design whereas the legs are made from dark brown painted wood. Legs are created to be in slant arrangement. Pendant lamps above this table should have our attention. This is because it has so awesome design made from glass material. This yellow glass has different shapes which complete each other’s style.

Kitchen is build not faraway from this table set. Black marble becomes the main theme in this cooking space creating a glamor atmosphere. Yellow lighting is also strengthen this room’s ambiance. Get into the bedroom, it has simple design decorated in white painted wall. Floor to ceiling glass wall is made by using the sliding glass door leading to the balcony. This house with retro interior design ideas has amazing concept, right?

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