Fabulous Traditional Farmhouse of France Historic Building

The house of Hautefage is one of historic houses in France that is traditional farmhouse which is built in 19th century for musician, movie maker and writer to take a rest. This building was design by two amazing people that is Eley and Maclean, with their creativity both of them makes this house really unbelievable with five bedrooms, stainless steel kitchen, elegant sofa and unique chair. This historical building left a history about a couple who had lived here. They say this couple just used three of five rooms in this house.

Not just the that story make this traditional farmhouse decorating so interesting, but lot of amazing and wonderful things are present here, such as Eley Kishimoto’s wallpaper with elegant motif, Arne Jacobsen’s ‘Swans’ sofa has a unique form with brown which is like be one with Eley Kishimoto’s wallpaper, Haus Wagner ‘Peacock’ chair is mall beautiful chair and stainless steel kitchen from Tisettanta where here modern atmosphere appear with combination between modern and classic design.

The combination between modern and classic design in this house, present the elegant sensation in each room that is you entering. We can see from the living room modern sofa combine with classic wooden floor and stone wall and unique ceiling with lot of beams cross the ceiling as a foundation. Elegant lamp which is plant on the stone wall and one lamp hang on the ceiling make this room very beautiful in combination.

For the bedroom classic atmosphere stronger, it is because classic elements are dominant here from the floor, ceiling, wall all classic design. This room also is one with bathroom, where the bathroom place at the corner of this room. With this traditional farmhouse decorating ideas like white bathing tub with small ceramic that decorate the wall beside of the bath tub and combine with stone wall front of the bath tub.

Image By : Eley

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