Fabulous Whimsical Interior Design of an Architect’s Chic Apartment

This whimsical interior design apartment belongs to a Brazilian architect, Mauricio Arruda. This apartment in Sao Paulo, Brazil, has many design types combination. It has a little typical of Scandinavian design because of its white palette and darker decorations. But it also has a vintage nuance by much furniture combination. Instead of a messy apartment, it looks artistic and stylish at a glance. Its white wall provides a perfect palette for every kind of patterns and colors inside.

This apartment has the open living concept. The wide glass windows also support the whimsical style interior design and flood the room with natural light. This apartment has black wooden floor on entire the room that balance the bright nuance.

Those black floor and white wall accentuate the color of the furniture and avoid the apartment from tedious look. The designer places ivory rug with colorful seats in the living room. The frame hanging on the wall also supports the glorious look of this living room.

Right in front of the living area, there is a dining room with similar paintings hang on the wall. The designer places glass dining table with cards as the legs. It looks artistic with combination of light green folding chairs around. On a side of the space, there is a wooden desk with drawers completely with many books above. Beside as functional furniture, it even really useful as the room decorations.

Different with the other rooms that has colorful decorations, the kitchen of this apartment has stainless steel appliances that dominate the area. It looks harmonious with the white wall and wide glass windows. The designer patches open glass shelves above the steel shelf as the kitchen utilities space that show the smooth collaboration of them.

The other calm decoration is in the bedroom. Connected to hallway wardrobe, this bedroom has white nuance with a little wooden touch. The combination of plain white room with your eclectic style interior design will result a good sight equally.

Image By : Mauricio Arruda

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