Fancy Decorating Ideas in Hotel of Eurasian City

Philippe Starck has designed Mama Shelter Istambul Hotel by quirky interior decorating ideas filling the bedroom, the lounge and cafe. It is a minimalist theme within the family room. Youthful spirit and abstract nuance of the decorative items make the simplicity of modern design contrasted for the motive and pattern striking colors. Superhero masks help the modest white wall lamps giving a whimsical manly concept. The white scene of the walls enlivens all the bright color decors and aligns with the stylish furniture set of the hotel room.

Mural painting of the abstract let one of cafe corner has an arty backdrop with the fashionable wiry chairs and glass round table. Be daring to apply this mural as home decorating design is not bad idea. Pretty fashionable design of vivid hue cafe wall comes with the city landscape by the wide glass wall in door style. The furniture set complexion completes this coffee shop interior design. Colorful flowers of the planters look so sweet mounted on the strip wall pattern.

Other corner seems to have an old fashioned theme for the vine pervading the back scene wall. It makes the scene as an old building but still in a control of modern interior design. Those are about the open space ideas cafe, this hotel has indoor peculiar cafe. Under the messy pattern letter ceiling, gloomy atmosphere combines the tender of the lighting to cover unconventional style of lounge. The messy view provides a magnificent setting of relaxing space by youthful spirit of the design.

Extraordinary decorative stuff enhances this interior. Awkwardly multicolor floats with different styles and designs hang above the long bar table. Stringed instruments add the awkwardness in the showcase about the wall behind the seats. Not all the stuff has a messy look, some part of this cafe is provided by elegant seats of a line of long wooden table with the simple designed chairs. Those are interior decorating themes of this Eurasian city of Turkey.

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