Fancy Open House Design Using Big Style

Building open house design in big design is not easy. You need to have good ideas. You also can be using architect service for building this house. The Casa Mecano is one of the houses using this design. The design of this house is built in the complex design. The designer Robles Arquitectos is designed this house.

This house is situated in the Puntarenas Province. It is one of the provinces in Southwestern Costa Rica. The concept of this house is very adorable because this house is built in big style in the large area. It is also built in good view of the mountain.

The using of the open house design plans can be look from the model of this house. The house is using many glasses material. The glasses material is not only used for the door material and window material but it is also used for the wall material.

The size of the glass material is made in any sizes. It is made in big, small and medium. Big size is made for the wall material. Medium size of the glass is made for door material. The small size of the glass is made for the window and the air circulation.

The using of this concept is bringing some advantages for the house and also room. The first advantage, the house is still look beautiful. The beautiful of the house can be seen not only at the afternoon but also at the night. The second advantages, the house room become bright and the house owners do not need lamps at the afternoon for lighting room. The third advantage, the room will be fresh because this house is made with good air circulation.

Good view around this house and the open design of this house is suitable. This house is also suitable built in any areas. The open house plan designs are suitable with tropical country.

Image By : Robles Arquitectos

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