Fantastic Elegant House Design with All Elegant Elements Inside

It is surely common for you hearing about elegant house design. But this kind of house is long lasting house design. Do you need inspirational house design with elegant look? McClean design, the famous architect has completed San Vicente House which is located in California. This is modern house with elegant design. This can be private house which is suitable for extended family. How does this contemporary house look like? Let us see the details of this house.

Besides its gorgeous exterior design, this house has elegant interior design also. Every room is designed perfectly showing how luxurious and exclusive this house is. The grandeur room design can be clearly seen when you come in this house at the first sight.

This modern house has many rooms inside. They are five bedrooms, gym, art room, and guest house. Can you imagine how large this house is? Well, this house also has very large back yard. You can also find swimming pool there.

The interior of this house is featured by much modern furniture. They are mostly in neutral colors so it can add luxury to the house. Let us see the living room first. Here you can find sectional sofas and chairs completed with square table. The set of the sectional sofas are facing modern fire place. Here you can also see the use of extensive glass.

It can allow you to see the picturesque view outside. Let us continue the tour to the bedroom. This is modern bedroom which is very elegant. Here you can find large bed set in black and white color, table sides with two table lamps, chairs, and also modern fire place like what you can find in the living room.

How about the kitchen? Well, the kitchen has very large space. Here, you can find modern kitchen island, microwave and also the dining set next to the kitchen island. Do you think that this house has elegant home decorating that is very interesting to see?

Image By : McClean Design

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