Fascinating All White Room Design in Luxurious Duplex Apartment

Having all white room design may be the dream of most people. White color is identical with luxury, modern and elegant room design. One of the best room designs is the one in St. John’s Wood Road. Here stands a duplex apartment that offers the beautiful room design. You can see stunning all white room in this large apartment. The apartment consists of many rooms inside and most of them are painted in white color combined with modern and luxurious furniture.

Let us see the all white living room design in this modern apartment. When you enter this apartment, you will find elegant room design. You will feel like you are entering a palace. The luxury of the living room comes from the white paint and the modern furniture.

In this luxurious living room, there are sectional sofas combined with colorful throw pillows on it. The stylish glass table is also put here to add elegant to the room. The ceiling lamps in the white ceiling tile do not miss to beautify the room. It can also help to liven up the room with its dim light.

The next part of the house is the bedroom. The room designer has great bedroom design ideas to comfy anyone who is taking a rest in this bedroom. In the bedroom, the room designer put the large mirror and LCD TV set. The large glass windows are also use here. The use of large glass windows can help you to see the beautiful view outside your room. The windows are featured by the elegant brown curtain. In this bedroom, there are also ceiling lamps.

You can also find elegant dining set in this apartment. It is also modern and elegant dining set. Above the dining set, there is crystal chandeliers mounted in the ceiling. The luxurious interior design all white room will give you the high standard living.

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