Fascinating Apartment Interior Design in Moscow with Great Lighting

The apartment interior design that is located in Moscow, Russia is a kind of popular apartment design. They have really various designs and concepts. In this article, now we are looking at one of the room that is designed in fascinating shades. The apartment is one of the projects designed by Alexey Nikolashin. He is the Russian architect that had designed the interior design in this fascinating ambiance.

Look at some pictures we provide. Applying great apartment interior design ideas will make the nuance of the apartment better. In this case, the interior is decorated in white and oft nuance. They are also fascinated by the existence of great lighting systems.

The lights come from the lamps, chandeliers, and the most impressive style is the outlining light for the wall and ceiling included board on floors. As the look in the living room, the lighting includes the sweet outlining white cupboard in up and bottom side. The bottom of cupboard is also stylized with some white pebbles with lights.

The other decoration besides the lighting systems come from the choice of the furniture. As in living room, the furniture includes big cream sofa with brown pillows combined as well with dark table with chic orchid. They are faced to the white cupboard included big TV set, book case at the top side and also modern fireplace next to TV.

In same room, we will also get the kitchen with modern counter set. It is stylized in white counter set with black barstools. The dining area is also designed in modern nuance by accomplishing simple style. They are in white round table with four grey chairs.

Now, we are getting more photos of this apartment design. To decorate the apartment in this article they used to get the white neutral color palette a background. They combine the white nuance with some oft application and great lighting sites. Therefore, get apartment interior design ideas pictures that are provided in this article in order to encourage the fascinating living space.

Image By : Alexey Nikolashin

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