Fascinating Beach House Designs for Spending Your Summer Holiday

There are so many beach house designs in this world that can be your inspiration. If you dream of staying in beach house, having a look at the modern house design from West Chin Architect is a must for you. You will see how beach house can be very luxurious in its design. The house is Sea project of the architect. It is situated in NY, USA. The house was built on 5,500 square ft. It has the picturesque landscape of Atlantic Ocean, the dreaming Ocean to see. Here, in this house, you can enjoy the sunrise and sunset.

Do you have any ideas of beach house interiors? Yea, most beach house has elegant interior design. Without questions, this house is also has modern and luxurious interior design. White interior is the best description for it. Yea, when you come to the house at the first time, you will be greeted by white color.

It can create elegant, clean, and modern impression to the room. Let us see the living room, dining area, and the kitchen in this house. The three parts are all integrated without any partition. The furniture used to feature the room is also modern furniture in neutral colors.

The first part is the living room. Here you can find all white furniture such as white sectional sofas, white square table, white chairs, and white pillows. To add the beauty of the living room, there are vase of flowers and other knick knacks on the table. Here can also be found stunning fireplace.

One of the most important things to know is that the house uses the extensive glass as the replacement of the wall. Let us move to the kitchen. The kitchen is also featured by some modern furniture such as white kitchen cabinetry, white table sink, and white kitchen island with stools, stove, and microwave to accommodate the cooking activities.

All the beauty of the house interior design can give you fresh atmosphere after your long day working. You can enjoy your summer holiday and escape from the city rush for a while in the beach house decorating ideas from the best room designer.

Image By : West Chin Architect

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