Fascinating Bookstore Interior In Paagman Book Store

We can’t denial that bookstore interior can be one reason that we stay longer in that bookstore. What are you looking for in the bookstore?. Book of course, but more interesting interior we will more spent time in that bookstore isn’t it?.

You can go to the Paagman Book store in Hague Netherland that bookstore is furnished with attractive and fun bookshelf. That stunning bookshelves were designed by Cube Architect. Commonly we find the standard wood bookshelves in the book stores. With this outstanding bookshelves design the bookstore is become more fun.

Paagman bookstores use bright color for the bookshelves. You can see that these shocking pink color bookshelves are a highlight here. The other unique things about the bookshelves are you can find several open space that can be used as comfy seats to read, between the shelves.

That bookshelf is the most attractive thing in this bookstore interior design. It is heaven on earth rot the people who enjoy reading so much. If you don’t enjoy reading we suggest you to still come here, visiting this place will change your opinion.

The bookshelves also completed with small door to provide the consumer access to the other side of bookshelves. The design allows the book to be displayed in comfort look, with the front toward the customer. The simple white pendant lamp in this bookstore gives the extra beautiful look here. Don’t forget to mention the white wall as the plains background, so the shocking pink bookshelves can be the spot center here.

If you love book and have many of book in your house, you can consider to puts this attractive bookshelf in to your house. This bookshelf is really suitable in modern and youthful home design. If your home has designed in classic look, the ordinary wooden bookshelf is the best choice for your home. Decorate your book room like small bookstore interior design and brings different look in to your home.

Image By : Cube Architects

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