Fascinating Contemporary Apartment Displaying Cool White Exterior

Not only providing cozy interior for its residents, this contemporary home is also done carefully to display the stunning and stylish exterior. This incredible work of Clement Rico Arquitectos, this stylish home is designed with beautiful landscape that will make it looks totally refreshing. The choice of simple white color to wrap the exterior becomes a perfect one, since it will display the bright look as well as accentuating the modern details of its architectural design.

Let’s take a look at this stunning home, which is entitled as Casa AG. The facade of this home is carefully done to protect the privacy really well. As this contemporary home design is perfectly designed to be shut, it will keep the curious eyes away from the private life.

However, the exterior design for this facade also looks really charming. The neat and green sprawling lawn wonderfully contrasts the white exterior, creating a totally refreshing look, accented by the gorgeous warm and natural color of stone clad.

Even though this home is completely shut from the walkways, this home is designed to be open to the refreshing home courtyard. As you can see, this back side is designed to be in an open style by employing the transparent glass element generously. This way, you can see the connection established between indoors and outdoors, which will make the outdoor space just like the extension of the indoors.

As to provide the exquisite and refreshing view for the residents, this home courtyard is designed to be not only fresh and green. You can also see the refreshing outdoor pool that will keep you refreshed even during the hot summer days.

This spacious courtyard is also a great place to have your outdoor activities especially during the sunny days, even the warm summer nights. It is because of the cool lighting features employed to the contemporary home design ideas for this outdoor space, which will make this outdoor space looks really illuminating and mesmerizing.

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