Fascinating Contemporary Apartment with Exquisite Wall Decor

This contemporary apartment near a park of Warsaw, Poland, will show you how the wall space may play a vital role in making the interior looks totally stunning. Besides, decorating the wall space will show you the efficient space use as well. It is because living in apartment often lets you encounter the problem regarding the limited available space.

Who would’ve guessed that drapes would serve as a great decor for the wall space? This spacious living room of this apartment designed by HOLA Design will show you how possible it is. The choice of warm beige drapes as part of this contemporary apartment design beautifully accents the white wall space while providing privacy by covering the large glass windows at the same time.

If you are a photographer, why don’t you transform your hallway to be your own private gallery? This hallway will show you how. The gorgeous wooden wall or space partition is beautifully employed to display the beautiful monochromatic photographs. Don’t you know that this decorating idea is really easy to do as well?

Create a thematic interior by adding beautiful wall painting to your kid’s room! Look at this charming kid’s chatting room that will suit your beautiful little princess really well. A wall painting depicting the lonely tower where Rapunzel used to live would be a great idea, wouldn’t it? Other way, you can go for the cute fluffy bear for your kid’s bedroom wall space that will accompany your kids while they are sleeping.

This apartment even has a cool wall decor idea for home library! As if the abundance wooden tone wrapping this library in its warmth is not enough, this space still spares an empty white wall for cool classic illustrations. Depicting the sketches of Earth by scientists of Middle Ages, you can see how this wall decoration idea as part of this contemporary apartment interior design perfectly suits the library interior.

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