Fascinating Contemporary Wooden House With Modern And Bold Design

What will you say about this outstanding contemporary wooden house picture we have below? This modern home is the unique creation of Chadbourne + Doss Architects, that has wooden materials as the main materials in its whole design.

We can say as seen in the pictures below, that it has wooden facades, wooden deck in its some parts of exterior plan and interior design, and also for the ceiling. We have some supporting pictures attached below, that will add more details for you, so do not miss it.

This dazzling contemporary wooden house design is built in two levels of floor, and has a spacious opened garage that can load up to 4 cars. Some natural tones are selected to color the home design, such as grey, white, ivory and brown tones combinations.

When are locating in the great natural landscape, then what you have to do to your home design? Yeah, you know the answer! It is all about applying glass facades that have transparent and thick materials. You will see this kind of facades protecting the whole house.

Glass facades is combined with dark wooden frame, and most of the wall that is painted with dark grey tones make this house concepts more modern and elegant. The wood clad design ceiling that has brown tones combinations, are just so eye catching when it compares to the bold and sleek room themes.

For the lighting, when the other modern house plan has attractive and various hanging and standing lamps, in this home design there are some fluorescent lamps that are injected on the ceiling in each room design. It is selected as the main lighting, and in bedroom, you will see one couple of cordless lamp. We still have lots thing to share you about this stunning contemporary wooden house plans, so make sure you visit our photo gallery below.

Image By : Chadbourne + Doss Architects

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