Fascinating Home Renovation from Traditional to Semi-Modern Look

Even though the home renovation is not in original modern touch, yet people can see the struggle to make luxurious theme from less traditional side. This also means that contemporary wave is created instead, by combining traditional look, in little amount, with modern furniture and other accessories. It is never easy to transform old building into modern design. However, French architectural firm of FREAKS free architects has made breakthrough to Napoleon Flat in Paris, France.

White interior becomes home renovation ideas for almost all rooms. In hallway, people can find walls with accent of moldings near window areas. These windows have glass doors that can be opened in order to let people go outside to balcony areas, surrounded with black metal guardrails. Meanwhile, flooring surface is made from tiled floors of burnt orange tone in geometric shape. For furniture choice, go for marble stone materials, which made into drawer placed next to wall.

Living room then has same arrangement of white interior. However, flooring part is chosen from wooden panels that are also made in tiles detail. Build additional element of warm ambience by building white fireplace with gorgeous mantle design. Then, fire pit is designed with black or dark gray stone. Install some long pendant lights as side lamp. Other than wall moldings, people can see false ceiling and pop ceiling with charming carving at border area.

Kitchen space is simply made from white furniture. It consists of white island area with drawers and cabinets are made into one big wardrobe in background area. There is sliding door in white color here to protect the pantry area gets dirty, as well for ingredients and storage. There is metal ladder brings people to upstairs, which used as bedroom space. The home remodeling ideas will cover stone bathroom with less partition and fewer doors.

Image By : FREAKS freearchitects

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