Fascinating Interior Residence of Lo Spazio in Milan

Here is a fascinating looks of the interior residence that is spotted in Milan, Italy. The residence is kind of private residence design with mixing the white neutral color and quirky accents as decorations. The architect had created this room interior as fascinating with its simple combinations. Actually this building is a studio for called Lo Spazio of Davide Lovatti photographer. The design is made in simple with its neutral color pallets.

The designs are still following in this article. The interior residence design comes with the scenes in which the structures include light grey ceramic floor combined with white concrete wall and ceiling. They apply see pillars in the room insides as tunnels. Now, let’s see the living room design.

It comes with grey sofa and black sofa in two sides by facing to short wooden table. They are applied on the red rug. In that room, we will get some decorative accessories such as wooden shelves leaned to the wall, white wooden shelves, wall painting leaned, and also a big classis painting.

Now, we are checking the interior decoration. The design is made in spacious. As in visual room, they apply the room with simple oak wooden table with lack ornaments on the table. In front of them, the wood placement in the other room, we can also find eye catching styles as in kitchen. The kitchen is made in grey vanity sink with colorful vases and ornaments in blue, purple, and red. The sink placement itself is designed in simple and natural with its grey concrete structure.

Home lovers, how do you think of the design of this house? The design of this house will be kind of inspiring ideas when it is applied in such modern home design. The rooms are situated in spacious rooms with neutral and bright color palettes. The residence interior design ideas that are applied in this house can be one of the examples of new living space.

Image By : Davide Lovatti

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