Fascinating Minimalist Apartment Design For Active And Young Soul

When you are willing to get some inspirations for having your own dazzling minimalist apartment design, then you are coming to the right place. In this edition we are willing to tell you about a lovely modern home design that is located in Warsaw, Poland.

It will be the best place for you who live in the crowd and hectic city, and need some refreshing home. For you who are willing more details, please have a look in to these lovely supporting pictures that already uploaded below this text in our photo gallery. Just get ready to be inspired!

This apartment concept is built in 100 square meter width area, and has two levels of floor. In this minimalist plan, you will easily find some modern, cozy and elegant style in every room. Let us now go to the next session, talking about this dazzling minimalist apartment design interior plan.

White always be perfect for adding some spacious and shinning touch in your house. It will look much better, and more attractive when you are combining this shinning white with some dazzling ivory and light crème tones.

Solid hardwood is applied for some rooms with light creme tones. Lovely wooden pattern will be seen in some facades that are separating the rooms. When you are visiting this modern house, an elegant living room will be ready to give a warm greeting to you.

Choco brown couch is completed with round white table will served you here. In this open plan room, you wil be able to see a functional kitchen that is put just next to the dining room. Almost all the furniture is selected in white, while only the brown couch that is so attractive.

After reading the text about this dazzling minimalist small apartment design, do not forget to pay a visit in to some attached pictures below. The inspiration will come along with these images.

Image By : Minimal Studio Architects

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