Fascinating Mountain House Design in Savoice, France

When you are thinking about spending our holiday for the total refreshments and relax treatments, then you should have a look in to this amazing mountain house design. This home which has three levels of floor and completed with a lovely glass balcony, has some elegant, dynamic and bold style in its design.

In this modern home design, you will be able to get what you really want for recharging your body, mind and spirit. For making sure about this lovely living place plan for you, we already injected some attractive supporting pictures in our gallery below. Do not forget to check them out later.

In the Savoice, France, is the place where this amazing house design exists. When we are talking about this amazing mountain house design ideas, it makes us curious about who the designer and creator of this stunning natural house. Atelier d`Architecture Christian Girard, is a well known office for architecture studio and firm in the country.

This home is built in the mountainous area, in the height of 1200 meters. There are three different facades hat is covering, the first is facades that is made of natural stones, then made of solid French Hardwood, and also made of transparent glass materials.

Natural stones facades is dominating this house with its natural grayish color combination. High ceiling that is built is decorated with some natural materials as, such as artistic hanging lamps, natural ornaments. Living room, dining room and the bedrooms have spacious area. What will you do when you are living in a place that has astonishing and amazing natural landscape? Applying glass facades is the best answer!

It is still not finish, because we still have many more things to tell you about this amazing mountain home design ideas that you can have a look in our gallery, do not miss it.

Image By : Atelier d’Architecture Christian Girard

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