Fascinating Multi Level Home with Magnificent Look

In this nice chance, you will read an article about multi level home. It will be about a modern house named Mt. Bonnell Remodel which was done by studio Mell Lawrence Architects. This project is situated in Austin, Texas, USA. There are images representing the project that can be found. You should read the descriptions which can be found in this article.

The very first picture is about the house seen from an angle here. You can see that this house is designed with awesome bright exterior. Well, there is a large patio with concrete construction. You know, the shape of the building looks amusing with modern design that doesn’t look monotonous.

The exterior looks full stripes. You shall see a garage and some windows with various positioning. There are trees existing around this building. See also multi level home plans.

The second picture guides you an appearance of another house part. The house design here looks similar to the previous paragraph. It looks like the house has sliding door. There are glass windows available with various styles. You know, this place also has patio but with different appearance from the one in the paragraph before.

You can see combinative pattern in the patio here. There are pots with various plants put on some spots of the patio.
The third one shows you about two building as part of the house. Well, the left building looks unique with simple but modern design. There is a rather big tree available here. You can find some pots of plants as well. There is a long table and a long bench as well.

The last image is about a certain room with full wooden interior except the floor. The walls and the ceiling use nice timbers. There are amusing lamps on the ceiling. It seems that the floor uses concrete construction. Look for more things in multi level house designs furthermore.

Image By : Mell Lawrence Architects

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