Fascinating One Bedroom Apartment with Elegant Lighting Ideas

Not only luxurious and expensive, this one bedroom apartment nested in Minami Azabu district, Tokyo, will stun you with its exquisite interior. We simple adore how this modern apartment interior may build the comforting mood beautifully through its lighting features. Besides, you can find how the elegance for each room can be accentuated through the beautiful glow as well.

The choice of simple and neutral color palette for the interior of this one bedroom apartment design wonderfully builds the warm atmosphere thoroughly. Mainly, you will find the gorgeous wood element for the furniture as well as for the hardwood flooring to allow the comfort flowing seamlessly. Lighting features are spectacularly installed to provide the beautiful glows while carefully inserted without disrupting the overall look for each room.

Let’s jump into this living room where you can find the ultra cozy large sofa designed with storage spaces. However, you can find the fascinating bright and dazzling golden glows offered by the pelmet lights to illuminate the beauty of this room, neatly and fantastically.

When the evening comes, the lighting for this room even gets more spectacular. You can find the cool glow of blue provided to keep the wall space mesmerizing, as the fluorescent lamps are employed to make the cool painting on the wall looks totally exquisite.

As you walk into the dining space, you will find the unique circular lamp that will glow its beauty to the ceiling space and create a shimmering detail for this clean space. As if the lighting feature is not beautiful enough, you can find the details from the wooden dining table may captive you in its beauty.

Simple yet mesmerizing, this dining space would make your dining time feels more delightful. There is also this cool bar designed in traditional Japanese interior style as part of this modern one bedroom apartment design, with exquisite lighting design that results in wonderfully dramatic looks.

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