Fascinating Penthouse Interior from SOHO New York City

As we all already know that penthouse interior supposed to look extraordinary stunning with elegance interior concept. There are lots of stunning penthouses interior in this world, and this one is definitely one of the best.

Here are some pictures from three levels penthouse apartment at 420 West broadway in SOHO New York City. The brilliant designer behind this project is Nico Rensch from UK based studio Architeam. This duplex penthouse accommodates generous sized main living space, three bedrooms, two bathrooms all wrapped in stylish contemporary concept. The spacious living room decorated with a combination between bright white, dramatic black and wealth gold. A double height and loads of sunlight makes everything better.

With approximate measure over 3,500 square feet, this duplex apartment also completed with 2,200 square feet outdoor space includes terrace, outdoor living room and kitchen. First of all this penthouse embraced bright ambience interior with striking white color and extravagant use of glass material that allows as much as possible of natural light to come in.

The seating items are preferably going with gold or light yellow tones while the open cabinet, the floor tiles and tables are black. The black open cabinetry is not a typical cabinet because it handles more than just typical storage. It used as decoration place which turned out to be very elegantly beautiful.

There is also a bit of orange accent in this living room, long modern minimalist fireplace, yellow flowers as decoration, Still on the living room but other level, there is a dining area with yellow mustard seating color and black dining table.

Move on to the kitchen, the kitchen even didn’t dominated by white color; it appears bright even during day time. An ergonomic design with metallic countertop island, dark tones cabinetry and uncluttered interior described the kitchen concept. Moreover, in brief explanation, the penthouse design aim for sophistication, highly modern, exclusive comforts and trendy design.

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