Fascinating Stone House with Oceanfront View in Tel Aviv for Apartment

This is the stone house that is very typical with Middle East countries. The geographic condition makes the stones be the most suitable materials to build house. Moreover, this kind of materials is durable and long lasting.

It is not surprising that the historical building that has existed several years ago is still persisting. Such architecture is also available in the old port of Jaffa, Tel Aviv, Israel. Now it becomes the contemporary apartment as the result of redesigning project by Pitson Kedem Architects.

Located in the near of Mediterranean Sea, this apartment maintains the original look by not changing the material base into the new one. On the other hand, by using stone house ideas, the architects succeed to make the construction stronger and sturdy.

This place has high ceiling shaped in curved structure. It results spacious and airy rooms. Besides, stone material is able to keep the temperature cool. For some parts, the wall is repainted in white to make it cleaner and fresh. To balance the view, the floor is made of marmer to enlighten living space.

The architects use minimalist design in order to maintain historical characteristics inside the house. Seen in the interior design, the furniture is only for functional use. The bookshelf being unified to the wall is a good idea. It has saved more spaces to be used for others. Dining table and the set of sofa are sliming in medium size. Getting inside to the bedroom, the bed is directly facing the outside. The beauty of nature brings the morning time more spirited.

What make the apartment interesting is about the texture of stone expansion. There is no other material can change this. Added by the oceanfront view, the wealth of this building will be incomparable. Glass façade on the upper floor help you to see the landscape clearly. Open your hands widely, close your eyes, and take a deep breath, you will feel peace and tranquil. And, you will forget that it is the stone house renovation giving you wonderful experience.

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