Fashionable Contemporary House for Family of Four

Konstancin House is the name given for a contemporary house which has fashionable feature. This house was located on Warsaw, Poland. The architects try to fulfill the clients’ request by creating a comfortable home for a small family of four.

This house was designed by Nasciturus Design who has given modern and luxurious touch upon both the building and the house’s interior. The architects also have tried their best to provide a private residence on top of a large parcel of land.

The house plans comprise of a one story building. The contemporary house design manages to contain several functional rooms as well as two bedrooms. In this particular level of the house, we can find a separated kitchen, living, and dining room.

The dining room even manages to have a long table which gives the touch of luxury upon the entire house. Upon entering the house, we would be firstly greeted by the hallway which has combined ceramic tile of black and white. The hallway is also decorated with mirror in wooden frame.

The hallway would lead us to the living room, which has two different seating area. The first seating area has an L-shaped plush sofa as accompanied by stainless steel round coffee table. This part of seating room faces the telly which is mounted on the living room’s wall. The other part of seating area only comprises of two armchairs and a round coffee table. This part of the room faces the house’s beautiful garden. The living room is enlightened by hanging lamps placed above the coffee table.

The kitchen and dining employs fashionable touch with polished furniture. The kitchen employs black and white counters and cabinet. One of its wall is covered with fashion icon, creating a luxurious look. The kitchen also has a glass windows framed by wooden materials. The dining room employs ceramic tile as covered again by modern black and white rug. On top of this rug, we can see a black dining table as surrounded by dining chairs. Above this dining set in the contemporary house design plans, we can find two modern chandeliers with cylindrical cover.

Image By : Nasciturus Design

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