Feminine Dressing Furniture in White Classic Design Ideas

Women and girls surely more interesting in dressing furniture design than where it should be placed in. That is why a furniture company has shared some ideas and unique design for those, women especially, to have one of these adorable fixtures from this company. Eden Furniture Company Maker has released some cute and feminine dressing furniture to pop up every woman desire and lust about fashion, vogue.

Focus on furniture set design and plan, this company has produced a set of vanity corner equipment in classic style. Wood has chosen as base material, whereas white has selected as furniture paint.

The dressing furniture ideas are combining coat hook, wall mirror, floor mirror, vanity desk and single bench as one in a set. Start from the coat hook, actually it is not only functioned as coat hook but also accessories saver and clothes hanger. The shape itself is like a silhouette of an autumn tree in white shades. Cool, girls!

Next, we are going to talk about the vanity desk and the solitary bench. Both of them have made from wood and colored in white on the surface. Doubled-wooden drawers have installed inside the desk and finished by the clear glass at the top. Besides, the bench is wooden polished furniture that is carved with tree from in one part of it. Oh yea… so does the table. In the top side of the table, under the glass later, the first drawer has similarly carved in bare branches form.

Move towards to the mirrors, there are two separated mirrors come within this furniture set. First, the floor rectangular mirror is a looking-glass which rim in white border list complete with open rack in the bottom side.

Then, the wall mirror has made in oval form complete and rim in white too. The difference is they the floor mirror bigger than the wall mirror one. And the equation is both of them have trimmed in white branches art which absolutely filled the dressing room furniture ideas in fashionable feminine manner.

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