Fetching residence Design Ideas for A Dwelling Called De Wet 34

SAOTA and OHKA Interiors finished one of the most fetching and lovely project of residence design ideas for a dwelling called De Wet 34. The house is located in Bantry Bay, Cape Town, South Africa, and stands artistically with a very elegant yet comfy atmosphere since the grand design consists of futuristic shapes and warm timber accent. The dominant vibe of the interior design is about combining the modern form with a classiness through those timber elements, with some touches of calm and plain colors and rich textures.

Primarily, the house emphasizes some specific materials such as rock, wooden, concrete and so on. This could be one of the trendy residence interior design ideas, since the design allows classy and artistic materials such as solid wooden as the perfect mate for the modern form through implementing it for walls, facades, floors, staircase, even ceilings and rooftops. Then, glass also emerges as a very particular and basic element within the house. Start from the additional facades, windows and door, all of those are amazingly made from glasses with the best quality of surface and texture. Moreover, another impressive minimalist element is white painted walls, very calm since the white appears as a provider for relaxing and comfy atmosphere.

Then, a very bluish breezy beach scenery is the next captivating element, since it was successfully well-developed near the cozy living room. A door with large sliding glass escalates the way that refreshing beach gives nature genuine ambiance for the living room and even the elegant dinning area. Very well-arranged and well-developed. Another awesome additional accent is about classy furniture and sleek cushion for each room within the house, which very well-added and escalate the value of art decoration in this dwelling.

To conclude, this house really give an amazement, with calm colorings, wooden elements, and a refreshing nature feature namely the bluish and refreshing beach scenery. Of course it is undeniably that this residence could be mentioned as one of the most gorgeous and stirring home interior design ideas so far.

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