Flawless Contemporary House with Luxurious Design

The luxurious accent of this contemporary house is showcased within the simple house design. Gutsy rectangular building frames the luxurious living place. The flawless design of this residence is not designed in glamorous accent, it emphasizes on the convenient decoration with modern house design. Large area around the residence is perfectly utilized to build the mesmerizing building with concrete material.

This residence really pleases the owner with the convenient area within this residence. Compact arrangement with surrounding glazed wall enhances the fascinating living with luxurious nuance. The spacious area inside is used to design the comfortable living place.

Gutsy outlook comes from the use of concrete material to build this residence. The contemporary house design is showcased with the rectangular building with the glazed wall around. Stronger nuance of the contemporary style is displayed at the back. Stunning swimming pool is designed elegantly with marble floor.

The existence of spot lamps above the pool strengthens the elegant outlook of it. Main building allows the glazed wall around. With surrounding plants the glazed facade gives the natural connection between the exterior and interior decoration. Outdoor living area uses the elegant white sofas with wooden roof top.

The spot light on the roof showcases the nuance elegantly. Woods are also utilized to make the backyard balcony. Floor and wall decoration really enhances the convenient balcony in large area. Glazed wall gives the refreshing nuance of natural decoration to be enjoyed from the inside.

Within it, the spacious area accommodates the comfortable living area. Living room uses the grey sofas with classic table on the glossy marble floor. Modern fireplace with concrete mantle brings the comfort. Luxurious private area at the second floor accommodates the warm wooden floor to be combined with white and black sofas, glazed table side, and classic table.

Heads toward the white cabinets and flat television, this is the perfect place for relaxation. Wooden table with glazed countertop is combined with classic chairs to give a pleasure dinner with refreshing outdoor scenery. Spacious bedroom accommodates the modern bed with white bed sofas.

Luxurious nuance is built with classic big mirror, wooden floor and modern wardrobe room in white wall. Wooden kitchen cabinets are combined white glossy marble countertop kitchen table for revealing elegant kitchen. Luxurious bathroom applies the grey color tone of the wall with metal sinks. The luxurious accent is strengthened with the existence of flat television above sink.

From those descriptions, this residence successfully brings the luxurious design in convenient home decoration. Built with modern rectangular form, this house allows the spacious living area within it. The exterior decoration with swimming pool decoration with marble floor surely enhances the luxurious accent.

Within this house, the spacious area is perfectly designed with comfortable arrangement. The modern furniture and innovative decoration convey the owner in luxurious accent. This home design successfully applies the contemporary home style with luxurious decoration to please the owner in comfort.

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