Fresh Custom Wood Furniture with Durable Material in Dynamic Design

Some people have different style in decorating their house that they would like to put custom wood furniture in the house for the furniture. The wood furniture has the natural style of house design which makes people feel comfortable live in that house. The example of house which has that furniture is like the Bergman Werntoft which has been designed by Johan Sundberg. Like in the picture, this house has the big yard with the short grass.

The Werntoft house may be made with the hardwood in much furniture. This house is used the wood for the wall which combines with the glass. This style will give the natural house design. Another thing is about the lamp decoration. To make it unique, the architecture design the lamp position is on the floor. It makes the house has romantic design of the house.

For custom woodworking furniture, the artist gives some wood furniture inside and outside the house. He put the hardwood chair outside the house for people who want to enjoy the afternoon. In other place, the builder also put the hardwood table and chair in the dining room. The hardwood furniture will complete the excellent house design.

The next room design is kitchen room. This room has been combined with the wood furniture and the zinc. Besides, this kitchen has the long table for dining. This table is completed with many chairs for people. The furniture is designed with the elegant touch and then make the room looks expensive. If people feel boring, they can bring their meal to the living room which has the big television for family watching.

The last room is living room which has the bamboo chair with the pillow. This table-chair set in living room makes the house looks simple and nice with the pot plant decoration inside the room. For addition of the bedroom, we can give some custom woodworking cabinets in that room, because the wood cabinet has the beautiful design and durable material of the cabinets.

Image By : Johan Sundberg

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