Friendly Colorful Interior Design with much Abstract Wallpapers

To make the house has the cheerful design, there was, the colorful interior design may become the solution. For the reference of the colorful house, W hotel is the best example of colorful place. This hotel is located in Vieques Island, Puerto Rico. This hotel is design with enjoyable situation home like.

The hotel has many colorful things, like the interior. The hotel has the simple sofa in the living room with the colorful pillows. For another decoration, the planner also gives the beautiful painting in this room. In one painting also consist of many colors. The interior that will be found in this room are the simple rug with soft cream, the bamboo chair and wood table. Those colorful interior design ideas make the room look cheerful and nice.

In other room we will find family room. In this room we can see many kinds of the sofa. It starts from the simple chair with the pillow until the plain back chair. For the furniture, we get the wood accessories on the table. Little bit different with the other room, this room has the different wall paper in each side.

The wallpaper design has abstract picture with rich color. For outdoor seat, this hotel has the nice sofa. It likes egg with colorful combination which is completed with the pillows. This seat faces to the beach panorama will many people love.

The next room is about the bedroom. This hotel will give excellent room for the guest. The room has the classic style with the soft brown. Another room was designed with the many pillows on the bed. To complete the decoration, the stylish give the chairs in each side of the living room. For the painting of the room, we can see color combination between the soft and dark color in one room. In conclusion, do you like to give interior bedroom paint colors in your own room?

Image By : W Hotel

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