Functional Decorated Apartment in Maximizing Small Space

The Departamento CUBO is a decorated apartment which had been renovated by maximizing a small area into a modern and high functional living space. This small apartment is designed by Studioata and taking place in Turin, Italy. The effort to maximize the function of this small apartment has presumably achieved its target.

The cozy and minimalist living space is presented in the richness of woods accent and bright nuance. Not only illuminating in its look, this apartment has also been designed to satisfy the owner needs of an ideal home.

The spatial maximizing started with the design of a small cabin which is built in the middle of this apartment. The wooden covering has made this small room become the point of interest of the entire apartment decorating ideas.

This is not only because the wooden layer of the room, but is also because the functionality of this small cabin. The function which is embedded on this cabin is very cleaver since it can support many roles for the house as bathroom, kitchen cabinet, storage and also stairs to climb the second level of this apartment.

As the current design of this apartment, the small cabin also provides a support to the second floor which is used as the bedroom. This small section also can function as the divider between the kitchen and the living room. The high function of this interior cabin has made it becomes the central part of this minimalist apartment.

Talking about the interior design, this minimalist apartment features the warm and bright concept. This is believed that the bright nuance can improve the spacious atmosphere to this tiny living space. The bright wooden parquet, roof dormer, and white colored wall are the factors which improve the space of this apartment. Finally, the small apartment decorating ideas are very impressive since streamlined area can be maximized as an ideal living space.

Image By : Studioata

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