Functional Fireplace Mantel Shelves for Displaying Accessories

When looking at the design of Fireplace Mantel Shelves, we will be curiosity. The functions of the shelves on the fireplace are various. They can be place for saving or placing some accessories and decoration. Yeah, the display on the mantel shelves of the fireplace will catch our eyes very well. Here we have some ways in decorating the shelves of fireplace mantel to be more functional.

Here are the pictures. The concept of fireplace mantel shelves ideas will be related to the needs to decorate the room prettier. In this case, the shelves can be place to display something attractive. The first is the shelf of white fireplace mantel to put TV set with some chic ornaments. The left and right side is to become the book cases and storage. This situation is stylized in compact room decoration in orange rug, white sofa with orange pillows, and also the big grey sofas.

For some people, decorating the fireplace mantel with shelves can make the functions of the place added. The further example is also a craftsman living room with stone mantel of fireplace placed under the TV set. The shelves on the high up left and right side are the space to save the photos, books, and other displays.

If we want to make the compacted stale and compact nuance, the big wardrobe with small eclectic fireplace can be one of the choices. The design is in grey frame of fireplace. He shelves are in brown wooden shelves with some ornamental scenes.

The applications of the fireplace shelves on the mantel can encourage the design of fireplace to be better. Those are absolutely designed for better ad functional styles. If you are interested in one of them, it can be one of the inspiring deals. The fireplace mantel shelves design ideas to be applied at our house should be well prepared and decorated.

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