Functional Sofa Bed as Elegant Furniture for Your Interior

Some people think that sofa bed is similar with the sleeper sofa yet in fact they are different. The sleeper sofa is transformable as it can be folded completely. In contrast, the beds do not have that transformability. The design is shown in the following illustrations.

The first illustration is presenting a sofa which is covered with asparagus fabrication. The extension section on right side of the sofa is the addition by which this sofa can be used as a bed.

Another design is presented by the second illustration. This sofa has the grey fabrication that makes it very applicable in this monochromatic room. The color of the sofa has enlivened the dull color tone of this living room. The similar fabrication color is presented by the next design.

However, both sofas have the difference on the designs. This corner sofa bed looks more minimalist with the exposed frame and legs. This sofa also looks more elegant in furnishing the room that has retro style. This style is proven by the decorations as the stereos and also cars posters.

The grey sofa color is likely the favorite for the bright and clear living room. The evidence is shown by this next design. This bright living room can look livelier with the addition of the sofa. You may imagine if this sofa is removed. There will be lack of accent that will make this room look monotonous.

In live with the previous design, this sofa is also enlivening the tone of the warm interior design. The vintage fabrication of the sofa which is designed in the cappuccino and accentuated with the red and blue accent has made the sofa look gorgeous and stylish indeed.

Despite gorgeous, the sofa also looks practical in this study room since it can support the comfort on which you can relax your muscle and brain. This small corner sofa bed also seems harmonious since the colors can blend with the room tone.

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