Futuristic Hotel Architecture of PODhotel in Flims with Wooden Element

Some designs of hotel architecture always have their characteristic. Here we are with a great futuristic design of PODhotel located in Flims, Switzerland. This hotel is kind of holiday secret hotel that feature natural shades. The architect POD Design+Media envisioned this building architecture with wooden element concepts. This New York City-based studio really makes this hotel for rent in affordable price. It will be really balanced with the living stay.

Now, let’s see how this hotel will be in the pictures following. The hotel architecture design in this case is made in separating space. It is made in the three different isolated spaces. When it is being at snowy, they will be futuristic for they are covered in the snows.

The building structures are dominantly concerted based on the wooden materials designs. They are well gathered as rustic nuance. The trees and landscape surrounding make the ambiance of being in this hotel in great styles. The door of each building is designed based on the combination of glass and wood as frame.

How is about the interior structure of this hotel? We will know that the structure for exterior and interior is dominantly made of neutral wood. Wood material covers the element of floor, wall, and ceiling. The home design itself resembles to be great mushroom building.

Each building includes a small bedroom and seating place. As we see in the bedroom, there is curving ceiling design for the white modular bed in red plaid and blue bed. The storage is made in the bed itself. A room can consist of single or two beds. The lighting system is applied on the top of ceiling.

Well, looking at the structure and element of this hotel, we will be really in natural shades and ambiance. Thos are really well provided for happy holidays. The designs are encouraged based on the wooden materials that are designed as natural. The concept of designing the hotel will lead to be futuristic hotel architecture design concept that makes our holiday happier.

Image By : POD Design+Media

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